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Career Orientation Courses

Career Orientation Course for 10 th and 12 th Pass-Out Students

Getting into right career is most desirable thing in present socio economic scenario in India. Just because of flawed education system Indian Students Can’t Focus on Functional Literacy and real objectives of life and career ahead. They just struck in Grades and getting more than 90 percentages in their annual Examination with cramming approach. But after getting graduates from recognised universities students end up getting under-paid Jobs or in some cases No jobs. We, at O2 IAS Academy ,has designed a Career Orientation Course of 40 days to help Students to determine their career objective just before they go for Higher Education. The students will be taught in a manner to get them oriented for their respective careers. The Course also integrates the Basic Knowledge needed to prepare for IAS (Which is the top most Job in India) during Graduation Courses without hurting the academic prospects. Details of the Course are given below.

What is the Next?

If you are reading this, I am sure that you are being troubled with same questions as any Parent or student, whose ward or who himself/herself, has either completed or pursuing his higher secondary

The questions are
How to ensure a head start for a successful career?
What Education stream should I go for?
Is it still relevant to do Engineering/medicine?
Is there any alternative career which is more lucrative and which can guarantee success?
If yes, what is it and how should I know about it? If these are your questions you have come to right place.

We have been searching answer to these questions ourselves and an educational Institution, after years of Research, have come up answers. To find out the best answers for yourselves, come to our Career Orientation Short course where we will be not only guide you towards a successful career but also provide you with the right approach for achieving it. This Short course will help ward find new and Innovative ways of learning, manage peer pressure, provide a New paradigm towards life.

No, it is not some Meditation sessions, but meticulously structured program which analyse wards for their strengths and orient them towards future goals. It is a complete personality development course which will make a Vulnerable adolescent coming out of Higher secondary education into a confident and rationale teen ready to take on the challenges of the Dynamic world we live in.

We want you to understand that the answers to these questions are not easy and following the path we tell you won’t be a cake walk, but we can ensure that your ward/ or yourselves will get a head start that will put you way ahead of others in your quest towards a successful career and life. So are you ready to take a leap into the path of successful career. If yes come to us for this course and make your journey worth.

Career Orientation Course Designed by O 2 IAS Academy has Four Segments for the Students

Segment 1:- Detailed Knowledge about Graduation Courses and their Scope

Segment 2:- Orientation for Civil services as well as other reputed Govt. sector jobs

Segment 3:- Psychological Shift from Cramming to Creative Learning

Segment 4:- How to manage Self Study and Peer Pressure during Graduation

Course Duration : 40Days
Last Date Of Registration : 20-April-2019
Fees : 5999Rs/-

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