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Civil Services Coaching in Chandigarh

We feel Proud to say that O2 IAS Academy is offering the best Civil Services Coaching in Chandigarh with the most advanced techniques. We are offering performance comparison tools, up-to-date study material, Dedicated faculty to handle your doubts, and one to one approach. O2 IAS Academy with its legacy of success commits to its “Responsibility in your Resolution”.

You have certainly taken the most momentous decision of your life by choosing to prepare for UPSC CSE. Now, it’s time for the next major decision which would turn your dream into reality by ‘Choosing the right Civil Services Coaching Academy in Chandigarh’.

Destiny is something to be achieved through hard work and determination. O2 IAS Academy guides you build your destiny brick by brick.

Civil Services Exam (CSE) is a nationwide competitive examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. The UPSC Exam is targeted at recruiting various civil services of the Government of India. Included positions are the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), Indian Police Service (IPS) among others. Also sometimes referred to as IAS Exam, it is conducted in three phases and in over 23 regional languages.

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O2 IAS Academy provides a variety of Online Courses & the Best Civil Services Coaching in Chandigarh. Join us and get guidance from the best faculty for all subjects. You can also get access to the comprehensive and easy-to -learn course material designed by our experts.
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Conductive Enviornment

O2 IAS Academy is based in the clean and green environment of Chandigarh, away from the hustle and crowd of big cities. The calmness and order of this city resonates in the minds of our students, improves their learning capabilities and brings the best results.
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Dynamic Preparation

Our experts merge basics with the current trends to match the dynamic nature of the exam. The study materials are regularly updated through our online platforms to keep our students abreast of all others in the race.
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Proficient Faculty

Teaching is an art and O2 IAS Faculty have mastered it. Our teachers are experts in their subjects - academically and competitively! Step by step, they help you develop your overall personality.
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Regular Assessment

UPSC CSE is not a 100-metre sprint. It’s a marathon! And winning it requires regular assessment which O2 IAS Academy conducts with its regular tests (daily, weekly and monthly) for both Prelims and Mains.
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Ace Every Stage

O2 IAS Academy specialises in all stages of UPSC CSE - from Prelims to Mains and Interview. From day one of your preparation to the day you make it to the final list, our team guides you through every step and every phase.
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Top Results

O2 IAS Academy, for the past many years, has maintained its position of sending maximum students into the Civil Services. Our students emerge as toppers in every merit list. Do check out our Toppers Section and take a note of what our toppers say.
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O2 IAS Academy caters to the needs of all sorts of aspirants - Working Professionals, State Civil Services Aspirants, Students With Poor Writing Skills, Students with/ without a background in Arts subjects etc. Take a tour of the website or visit the centre to choose the course which suits you best.
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Some people just know they have to prepare for UPSC CSE right from the beginning. However, there are many others who feel they can become really good IAS officers but don’t even begin their preparation because of the myths about UPSC CSE preparation. Here’s an attempt to bust all these myths in one go. O2 IAS Academy hopes that after reading this article, you’ll take the first step towards building your destiny!

1Too much cramming
I can’t study that much. I can’t remember facts. Well, many students believe that civil services preparation is synonymous to cramming a million things. Certainly, it is not the case. UPSC CSE is an exam that makes officers out of students. They select policy makers of future and the people who make it to the final list are not the ones who memorize but the ones who analyze! A strong personality (or a resolution to create one) is all that you need.
2Political Interference in the job
Yes, we know you hear a lot in the news about the political pressure on bureaucrats. Names like Mr Ashok Khemka are commonly quoted as examples. Needless to say, every job has its pros and cons. A bureaucrat has all the powers to change the fate of millions of countrymen. And getting into the topmost services of the country ensures that you have all the legal means available to respectfully fight any kind of pressure that you might face as an IAS officer. Life is the biggest test after all, others are just a part of it.
3Luck Based exam
This could be true for some, but for most people, it is their hard work that takes them through. If the resolution is strong enough, clubbed with the right guidance, you’ll surely turn your stars in your favour.
4Only for the intelligent

Not a record of being a topper, not even good scores in school or college, no degree from a prestigious university and not even a decent job. Are there any more reasons keeping you from starting your CSE preparation? Well, do add them to the list and throw that list away.

UPSC CSE tests people on their life skills - how they handle pressure , how they deal with problems in uncertain times, and how responsive they are to the needs of the society. These attributes have nothing to do with your scores in school or college. Rather, they are a part of your personality which gets polished through this preparation. If toppers were all that they wanted, they would have directly recruited all gold medalists of all prestigious institutes as IAS officers.

5Failure leads to unemployment
Firstly, failure shouldn’t be on your mind while starting the preparation. An aspiring IAS officer must not base his life decisions based on the fear of failure. Yes, to be practical, you must complete your basic studies before starting full fledged preparation. Once you are into the preparation mode for UPSC CSE, there’s no looking back in life. The knowledge and skills that you acquire while preparing would make you capable enough to create infinity out of zero. In fact, many of the biggest entrepreneurs in Indian education today were CSE aspirants once!
6Should have opted for Arts in school/college
Well, statistics show it, most of the students who crack UPSC CSE are from Science/ Engineering backgrounds. It does take a little more time to get accustomed to the new subjects, but you would ace them for sure.
7Zero social life
Gone are the days when students would lock themselves in their rooms for years and come out as IAS officers. Studying hard is a sure mantra that stands useful even today but the dynamic nature of the exam requires you to stay connected. Many students prepare in groups while others maintain a work-life balance to stay motivated throughout the process.
8Impossible without ‘the midas touch of Delhi’
This was hundred percent true a few years back when all the key books and notes for UPSC CSE were available only in Delhi. The strategies of preparation used to be discussed in the streets of Mukherjee Nagar over tea. But now, technology has turned fortunes! With the advent of the internet, all books and notes are available online. Even the coaching classes can be taken through online portals of various institutes. The lessons from the best teachers of the country can now be accessed right from your home on YouTube.
9I will have to leave my job
This ain’t true if you are disciplined enough to devote your weekends and off-hours sincerely to your studies. In fact, having a job keeps a lot of anxiety away and keeps you focussed on your goal.
10Language barrier
UPSC CSE is conducted in English as well as regional languages. So no worries about not knowing English as it would be required only for the qualifying papers (CSAT and English Language Paper in Mains). Nowadays, most of the study material and Test Series are available online in vernacular languages as well.
Preparing for UPSC CSE is not just a normal preparation for an exam. It is training! Probation for IAS starts on the day you decide to prepare for this exam. And it grinds and polishes you at the same time. The better you are at it, the better IAS officer you become. So what stops you from achieving your goal? What holds you back? For Best Civil Services Coaching In Chandigarh join O2 IAS Academy today and turn your dream into reality.
Online Courses
Online Courses