Online coaching for HCS

Has the outbreak of Covid-19 left you confused about your career? In these days, don’t let anything push you back. HCS is an exam that requires consistency and hard work. These testing times are going to decide your name in the final list of Haryana Civil Services exam. Our expert team at O2 IAS Academy has designed a specialised online course for all HCS aspirants to guide you through your preparation and turn your story into success. Here are the details:

  1. Full course coverage : O2 IAS Academy has one of the most renowned faculty for HCS coaching. Through our online course, our subject experts will be covering all subjects in depth. Regular online classes will be held to ensure syllabus completion on time with proper revision.
  2. Interactive Learning: Our teachers, through live sessions on various platforms shall ensure discussion and deliberation around topics of utmost importance. Such discussions help the studens in learning to develop ideas and writing better answers in Mains and developing a multi-dimensional viewpoint for Interview.
  3. Regular practice: Tests and online assessments will be conducted on regular intervals to make you exam ready. The subject experts shall ensure a 360 degree syllabus coverage through a variety of questions including previous year questions of various exams.
  4. Notes: Only the right tools can ensure the right output. Our subject experts themselves prepare sets of notes on their own where each topic is covered in depth. These notes shall be shared with the students along with the relevant study material/books. Moreover, after the completion of the course, the teachers shall also update the students with all new happenings – current affairs, changes in exam pattern, etc.
  5. Pictographic study: Your preparation shall be aided with the help of pictographs on various topics, maps for learning Geography and International Affairs, timeline charts for History and various short videos for Culture. This shall keep all of you one step ahead from all fellow HCS aspirants.
  6. Doubt resolution: O2 IAS Academy stands in support of their students until they make it to the final list. From day one, students will have an access to all the faculty members for resolution of any doubts that they encounter while studying.Our team is completely devoted to your success.
  7. Support: A strong mental and emotional balance is the biggest requirement for making your HCS preparation a success. A lot of students fumble and even quit due to the stress that comes along while preparing. Luckily, this is not the case at O2 IAS Academy. We stand by our students in all thick and thin and guide them through the tough times. Our experts are round the clock available for online counselling of all our students. This is the reason why O2 IAS Academy has consistently produced toppers in HCS for so many years.

It is very important to utilise these days efficiently no matter whether you are in a PG or at home. O2 IAS Academy ensures to bring the best to you, the next step is your own resolve to sail through these times and end up at one of the high bureaucratic posts in HCS. Team O2 IAS Academy stand with you in this journey, join us for our HCS Online Course today and make your journey a success! All the best!