A job interview is not a test of your knowledge, but your ability to use it at the right time

HCS interview preparation in Chandigarh

Haryana Civil Service Commission conducted the exam of HCS each year. The exam was conducted in three stages prelims, mains, and interview. The commission has announced the result of Mains, and the only 1% aspirants have been selected to appear for the final round, that is, interview that will be conducted by Haryana Civil Service Commission in Panchkula in the upcoming months. Now the aspirants will look for the preparation of Interview. Keeping in mind the interest of the candidates, O2 IAS Academy provides free Mock Interview sessions for Haryana HCS in Chandigarh.

There is a buzz that goes around among all Civil Services aspirants and that is “hard work is the key“. This is indeed true but the ‘master key‘ here is “hard work directed in a smart direction with the right guidance”! Himachal Administrative Services Interview (HPAS Interview Preparation) is no different when it comes to taking top ranks in the final list. This exam, divided into three phases – Prelims, Mains, and Interview secures you a seat in the most coveted services of the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Haryana HCS Interview Stage

This is the final and most important stage as it will decide the merit list. If a candidate wants to make place in the list of top aspirants, then they have work hard as well as smart work as the panel will not need an individual who is “Master of one” but they look for the person who is “Jack of all, Master of none”. It is essential to build overall personality. To clear the interview and at the top of the list, candidates should know every aspect of the topic. Each topic has social, political, economic aspect and aspirants must have knowledge of each aspect. Instead of this, an aspirant must know how to deal with the pressure of this stage.

We at O2 IAS academy helps aspirants to deal to the pressure. We let you know about the latest topics and their relation with each aspect. We provide Mock interviews to the aspirants so that they will able to know their strength and weakness. Our team has well-qualified and experienced faculty from the nation who provides you complete guidance and ensure your success to get your dream job. The team also helps you in developing your overall personality.

We at O2 IAS Academy ensure:

  1. MYSELF: This is the first and important questions which an aspirant face. The question is simple but answer will decide whether you will be in the final selection list or not. As the panel wants to know about you more than you have mentioned in the application form. The questions can be asked directly or indirectly but answer remains same and you should prepare for it. Some examples of personal prompts are:
    • Tell me about yourself
    • Describe a challenge or event that made you who you are today.
    • What are your short and long-term goals, and what have you planned to achieve them?
    • Write about an event in which you failed and how did it affects you.
  2. To write the essay about yourself, here are some tips:
    • Make it limited to 2 minutes.
    • Tell about your strength, weakness.
    • Make use of personalized statements like My music teacher inspired me to pursue my interest in sports.
    • Tell them about your perspective.
    • Show you personality but by sticking to the topic.
    • Last but not least know your audience.
  3. ANALYSIS OF APPLICATION FORM: As a panel of experienced faculty, we analyze that the panel will ask most of the questions from the details filled by you in the application form. The panel at O2 IAS academy covers step-by-step aspects of application form and prepares you for all the expected as well as unexpected questions for the day.
  4. IMPROVE YOUR PERSONALITY: We at O2 IAS academy helps the aspirants to build the confidence. Some aspirants thought that they are not good in English so they will not able to crack the interview but this is just a myth. You can speak in any language but the main thing is to speak with confidence. We know each aspirant is different so we mold each candidate in different way and improve your performance.
  5. ANALYSIS OF CURRENT AFFAIRS: Current affairs as an essential part of state services, also considered important in interview. Sometimes the panel may ask you about some current sensitive topics. You should prepare each aspect of current topics in news. Each topic has social, cultural, economic, political aspect. We at O2 IAS academy with team of expert panel helps you to prepare each current topic in all aspect.
  6. ORGANIZE MOCK INTERVIEWS WITH EXPERT PANEL: We want you to be successful. We at O2 IAS academy organizes mock interview with a panel of experts. This will help you to deal with the pressure as well as helps you to improve yourself in the areas in which you are lacking.

The main motto of O2 IAS academy is the success of aspirants. So join O2 IAS academy for the interview preparation of HCS.

Prof. K.S. Sandhu (Director O2 IAS Academy)

M.Phill Political Science, 16+ years experience

Dr. D.R. Bhati

Ex DGP, 10 Years Experinces in Mentoring Civil Services Aspirants

Prof KPS Shante

Dean & Professor, Geography and Tourism & Travel Management, Motivational Speaker, Writer

Colonel Amit Vig (Retired Lt )

20+ years experience of Mentoring