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HCS Mains Preparation in Chandigarh

Haryana Civil Service Commission conducted the exam of HCS each year. The exam was conducted in three stages prelims, mains, and interview. The date for the prelims has announced and many students who believe they will clear the exam, will start their preparation for Mains from the very next day of the exam. Keeping in mind the interest of the candidates, O2 IAS academy provides best coaching for each subject of Mains exam of Haryana HCS in Chandigarh.

HCS Mains Online Coaching

Rated as the Best HCS Mains Online Coaching module, we owe our success to the collaborative efforts on the part of our dedicated team of management, faculty, and students. Led by the visionary Mr. Santokh Brar, we have been successful in writing countless success stories which inspire us to add value to the lives of so many future aspirants for the State Administration.

O2 IAS Academy brings to you the best Online Coaching for HCS Mains Exam. With the help and collaboration of our best faculty and alumni we prepared a bespoke online course for HCS Main Preparations. Now it does not matter where you are, you just purchase our Online course for HCS Mains exams and start your preparations right away.

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    HCS Mains Exams Syllabus & Pattern

    HCS MAINS is the most important part of HCS examination as the marks secured in the examination will decide the rank of the candidate. The marks of the Mains exam decided the merit list. No percentage of prelims must be considered to decide the merit list of the examination. All the papers of Mains are descriptive in nature. This exam has a total of 5 papers within which 3 papers are compulsory and each is of 100 marks, 2 papers are of optional subject and each is of 150 marks. The time allotted for each paper is 3 hours. The papers are subjective in nature. The papers are:

    S.No. Subject Marks Time
    1 Paper I (English and English Essay) 100 3Hrs
    2 Paper II (Hindi and Hindi Essay) 100 3Hrs
    3 Paper III (General Studies) 200 3Hrs
    4 Paper IV (Optional Subject) 200 3Hrs
    5 Interview 75 3Hrs
    Total 675

    HCS Mains Online Coaching

    HCS Haryana Mains Exam Syllabus


      The aim of the paper is to test the candidate ‘s ability to read and understand serious discursive prose, and to express his ideas: clearly and correctly in English.
      The pattern of questions would be broadly as follows:

      English -----
      • Precis Writing
      • Comprehension of given passages
      • Essay
      • Usage and Vocabulary
      • General Grammar/Composition

      Candidates will be required to write an essay on a specific topic. The choice of subjects will be given. They will be expected to keep closely to the subject of the essay to arrange their ideas in orderly fashion and to write concisely. Credit will be given for effective, and exact expression.

      • Translation of and English passage into Hindi
      • Letter/Precis writing
      • Explanation of Hindi passage (prose and poetry) in the same language
      • Composition (idioms, correction etc.)
      • Essay on a specific topic. The choice of subjects will be given
      • (a) History of Modern India and Indian Culture

        The History of Modern India, will cover history of the country from about the middle of the nineteenth century and would also include questions on important personalities who shaped the freedom movement and social reforms. The part relating to Indian Culture ‘will cover all aspects of Indian culture from the ancient to modern times.

      • (b) Geography of India

        In this part, questions will on the physical, economic and social geography of India.

      • Indian Polity

        This part will include questions on the Constitution of India, Political system and related matters.

      • (a) India and the World

        This part is intended to test candidate ‘s awareness of India ‘s relationship with the world in various spheres, such as the following: -
        Foreign Affairs External Security and related matters. Nuclear Policy. Indian abroad.

      • (b) Indian Economy
        In this part, questions will be on the planning and economic development in India, economic and trade issues foreign trade, the role and functions of I.M.F. world Bank, W.T.O. etc.
      • (c) International Affairs and Institutions
        This part will include question on important events in world affairs and on international institutions.
      • (d) Developments in the field of science and technology, communications and space.

        In this part, questions will test the candidate ‘s awareness of the developments in the field of science and technology, communications and space and also basic ideas computers.

      • (e) Statistical analysis, graphs and diagrams
        This part will include exercises to test the candidate ‘s ability to draw common sense conclusions from information presented in statistical, graphical or diagrammatical from and to point out deficiencies, limitations or inconsistencies therein.
      For other 2 papers, candidates have to choose two optional subjects from the list of given 23 subjects:
      1. Agriculture
      2. Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science
      3. Botany
      4. Chemistry
      5. Civil Engineering
      6. Commerce and Accountancy
      7. Economics
      8. Electrical Engineering
      9. English Literature
      10. Geography
      11. Hindi Literature (in Devanagari Script)
      12. Indian History
      13. Law
      14. Mathematics
      15. Mechanical Engineering
      16. Physics
      17. Political Science and International Relations
      18. Psychology
      19. Public Administration
      20. Punjabi Literature
      21. Sociology
      22. Sanskrit Literature
      23. Zoology

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      Why to choose O2 IAS Academy for HCS Mains Exam Coaching

      All the papers of Mains decide your rank and allows to make your place in the merit list. The papers of main are descriptive in nature. There is a complaint by most of the candidates that we have written enough but did not get marks or did not get selected in the merit list. The reason behind this is style of writing. The panel check your knowledge about the topic instead of counting the number of sheets you have filled. We at O2 IAS academy helps the aspirants to know how to write the exam to achieve your goal. Some aspirants know everything but does not able to make their place in merit just because of their skills. We promise you to achieve your goals.

      • IMPROVE YOUR WRITING SKILLS – This skill can’t be built in a day. You need practice and know all the aspects of a topic. You should know how to relate the pros and cons of the topic with all aspects of life. The expert panel of O2 IAS academy helps the aspirants to decide what to write to attract the panel and got maximum marks. We help the candidates in describing their views.
      • SPECIAL PREPARATION FOR LANGUAGE PAPER – First two papers are of language and helps the candidates to increase their score. But here also the main thing is how to write the answers. The panel here not only check your reading, thinking, and writing skills but also check your basic knowledge about the language.
        The expert panel of O2 IAS academy helps the aspirants to know how to write the letter, articles, or paragraph in short manner and within the word limit.
      • ANALYSIS OF CURRENT AFFAIRS – Current affairs as an essential part of state services, also considered important in interview. Sometimes the panel may ask you about some current sensitive topics. You should prepare each aspect of current topics in news. Each topic has social, cultural, economic, political aspect. We at O2 IAS academy with team of expert panel helps you to prepare each current topic in all aspect.
      • HELP IN SELECTING THE OPTIONAL SUBJECT – There is a myth that choose the optional subject in which you got most marks, but the reality is that you should choose the subject in which you feel comfortable. Mathematics is a scoring subject but everyone is not comfortable in it, so choose the subject that you can understand and write it easily. Our expert panel guides the students in choosing the best subject for them by knowing their strengths and weakness.
      • IMPROVE YOUR PERSONALITY – We at O2 IAS academy helps the aspirants to build the confidence. Some aspirants thought that they are not good in English so they will not able to crack the interview but this is just a myth. You can speak in any language but the main thing is to speak with confidence. We know each aspirant is different so we mold each candidate in different way and improve your performance.
      • ORGANIZE MOCK INTERVIEWS WITH EXPERT PANEL – We want you to be successful. We at O2 IAS academy organizes mock interview with a panel of experts. This will help you to deal with the pressure as well as helps you to improve yourself in the areas in which you are lacking.
      The main motto of O2 IAS academy is the success of aspirants. So join O2 IAS academy for the Mains preparation of HCS.