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Punjab PCS Prelims Test Series

Punjab PCS Prelims is tentatively scheduled to be held in September 2020. All the aspirants are preparing for this exam with the full momentum. The Preparation can’t be done without taking Mock Test Series for Punjab PCS Prelims. The Punjab PCS Prelims Mock test series not only enhances the knowledge but also provide a simulated practice for the Exam.

We have designed our Punjab PCS Prelims Mock Test Series keeping these points into mind.

Punjab PCS Prelims is consists of two papers: - Paper-I is General Studies and Paper-II is CSAT.

O2 IAS Academy’s Mock test series include both of these papers. Questions are framed as per the trend of the PPSC From the last 10 years.

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[typedjs typespeed="20" startdelay="800" backdelay="1002" backspeed="1" loop="true"]New Notification Announced: New notification Announced on 5-July-2020. 77 Vacancies. Please check the official link to read full notification https://ppsc.gov.in/usermanual.ashx?id=c9387[/typedjs]

Features of the Test Series for PCS Prepration

  • We will cover all the important topics for General studies in the form of Questions and Explanations
  • Every test will be followed by the Explanation by a senior Faculty member of O2 Academy
  • The tests will be conducted in Online Mode and will be available on Our Mobile Application as well as our Web Portal app.o2iasacademy.in
  • Automatic Evaluation
  • Unlimited Access
  • Self Analysis Tools
    • Performance Comparison through graphs and pie charts
    • Difference with the topper of the Test
    • Detailed Insights of Your overall behaviour while attempting the test
    • Difficulty level of questions

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Schedule Of The Test Series

Punjab PCS Prelims Test Series