Anthropology - Optional Subject

Now a day’s anthropology has been a very popular subject with U.P.S.C. aspirants. Once you have decided to take this subject for your U.P.S.C. journey. You have to search for a dedicated Anthropology mentorship that will guide you for this discipline.

So, we at O2 IAS ACADEMY we have decided to introduce a course for Anthropology optional under the guidance of Akashdeep Singh Bhullar, who himself is a renowned face in the coaching of Anthropology. He is also a research fellowship holder; this makes him perfect for guidance and content delivery.

The classroom format makes the course more lucrative. Students get the printed notes prior to the lecture. So that Students can focus on the conceptual part of the subject, which is also a focal point in the civil services examination.

The infrastructure of O2 IAS Academy makes it perfect for the success for an Aspirant. Aspirants can avail recorded sessions on O2 IAS Academy Application. Not only the infrastructural support,you will get the guidance and support of Akashdeep Sir till you are not selected in the U.P.S.C/PCS examination. Thus making it a sound investment for aspirants.

The study material as well as class notes are regularly updated and are provided to aspirants after in – depth analysis by Akashdeep Sir himself.

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    Anthroplogy Coaching in Chandigarh

    The study material as well as class notes are regularly updated and are provided to aspirants after in – depth analysis by Akashdeep Sir himself. The sessions are very interactive, along with it weekly tests are provided to the aspirants so that they are able to tract there performance regularly.

    Last but not the least the fee is very affordable. All the details as well as offers are provided transparently, online, with no hidden charges. The courses are available not only online as well as offline so that the aspirant is provided will full flexibility in the matter of choice.

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    Features of the Anthropology Course

  • Duration of Course – 3 months.
  • Classes will be held every day, except Sunday for 3 hours each.
  • The Focus of the online classes will be on conceptual clarity.
  • Each class will be 3 hours class.
  • Periodically, Weekly Tests will be held to evaluate the candidate’s performance.
  • Before class, notes will be given through an online medium.

  • The access to O2 IAS Academy App will be provided so that students have access all lectures.

    What is the subject (Anthropology) all about:

    Anthropology can be defined as detailed study of humankind. Homosepians have evolved themselves so much that with in short span of time they have captured the whole world, but if we see the past of humanity, many of our ancestors were pray of many predators. What made us the king of this planet? What we have that other animals lack.

    We have not only captured the whole world but have produced enormous amount of cultural as well as biological diversity. Not only we have produced it we are using this diversity to have political and economic gains. From where does it all come from? In anthropology we deal with these questions.

    One of the answers is humans have developed an interplay of culture and biology, which is a unique feature of humanity. With the help of this subject we study this interplay.

    Download detailed syllabus of Anthropology
    Blue print of the course
    Unit No. Of Lectures
    1. Anthropological thought, meaning and methods 12 lectures
    2. Cultural institutions 7 lectures
    3. Research methods in anthropology 2 lectures
    4. Indian anthropology 7 lectures
    5. Tribal studies 8 lectures
    6. Biological anthropology 14 lectures
    7. Variations in humans 8 lectures
    8. Applied anthropology 4 lectures
    9. Archaeology 7 lectures

    Top 10reasons for Which Anthropology is Considered Safest optional in UPSC and State PCS exams

    1. For some past years, there is at least one candidate in top 3 positions with this optional. For example rank 1 & 3 in 2017 and rank 2 in 2018.
    2. It can be prepared very easily within 4 – 5 months.
    3. It is a bridge between humanities & sciences, encompassing elements from both the worlds. Thus students with arts as well as science background can easily understand the subject.
    4. The subject is wholly objective in nature, that is, there will be no/very rare instances that your views are different from the next sitting candidate. It makes the subject very easy to grasp.
    5. The syllabus of the subject is very well defined. It very clearly states to the extent that a candidate has to study the subject e.g. in the case of social institutions, the syllabus clearly states that a student is expected to cover only 5 institutions – marriage, family, economic organisation, political organisation & religion. Every institution is further defined very precisely, to what extant a candidate needs to know.
    6. Because every topic is well defined in syllabus one can easily collect the required information that is needed for the topic and practice each topic from the prospective of answer writing. It becomes one of the key factors contributing high score for the subject e.g. in 2018 highest score was recorded at 362 (rank – 45).
    7. The subject is very simple and generalist in nature. Thus background information of any type is not required.
    8. The whole purpose of anthropology is to give a “tool of rationality” to humanity so that we are able to define the undefined and ambiguous subjects like culture, race, humanity etc. The capability that this subject gives goes a long way with a student, contributing good marks in essay paper and interview.
    9. There is repetition of many questions that appear in past year papers. Giving candidate an idea about the examination & making the paper highly expectable.

    Due to immense popularity the study material is easily available on Internet.

    Thus briefly we can say that it is a very beautiful subject that enhances your chances of being successful not only in U.P.S.C., also in your life.