Anthropology Answer Writing for the UPSC Mains exam is a critical component for candidates aiming to excel in this optional subject.  Anthroshala By O2 IAS Academy, Provides Best Online Course for Anthropology Answer Writing for UPSC Mains. Answer writing is not only important for the speed of writing and timely completion of the examination but also guides you on certain aspects of the syllabus that need to be revised or value added. 

To fulfil this need of aspirants, we at Anthro Shala have designed an Online Answer Writing cum Mentorship course that will particularly cater to the needs of aspirants.

How does this course help UPSC Anthropology students?

In this course, the daily worksheets are given to the aspirants that are solved in a timely manner and are evaluated by Akashdeep sir himself. In these worksheets, we will target the structural mistakes that aspirants make in the final main examination and lose hard-earned marks. 

While solving the worksheets the aspirants may find some questions difficult to analyse in the first instance and to break the momentum, to solve this problem the Model Answers and Discussions of the videos will be given to the aspirants, beforehand.  

If we see that extra insights are needed to be added in the Answer then they will be given to the aspirant in accordance to his needs. So he need not be worried about the content, we got your back. 

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    Features of the Program

    Problems Faced by Aspirants

    Solutions Offered by Our Answer Writing cum Mentorship Program

    Difficulty in structuring answers

    ·        Daily worksheets for practice.

    ·        Direct feedback from Akashdeep sir on structural mistakes.


    ·        Regular progress sessions with Akashdeep sir.

    ·        Goal setting and problem discussions to maintain motivation.

    Momentum building for Answer Writing.

    ·        Access to model answers and video discussions, beforehand.

    Inadequate content knowledge and Value addition.  

    ·        Personalized insights added to answers based on individual needs.

    ·        Access to all the solved Previous Year Questions and Anthropology content, personally curated by Akashdeep Sir.

    Poor time management during exams

    ·        10 test exams (6 sectional, 4 full-length)

    ·        Practices mimicking UPSC exam conditions